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  • Compared to Morphine (No Side Effects)
  • ​Available OTC
  • ​Extensively Clinically Tested
  • Does Not Cause Drowsiness
  • ​Certified Drug Free
  • Results ​Proven During Clinical Testing

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Conolidine Is Backed By Nearly 12 Years Of Intense Clinical Research By Top US Doctors

Here Are Just Some Of The Headlines...

"Conolidine is a Potent Analgesic, Comparable To Morphine in Alleviating Inflammatory and Acute Pain, With Few, if Any, Side Effects"

"Conolidine Natural Painkiller May Someday Eliminate Chronic Pain"
"Conolidine May be as Effective as Morphine for Pain Relief"
"Conolidine offers pain relief without complications"
"Conolidine is a Clear natural treatment for chronic pain"
Most Common Conolidine CONONCB2™ Questions
How Does Conolidine CONOCB2 Actually Work?
Conolidine CONOCB2 is the first conolidine based pain reliever in the world.

It is also the first "pain relief" daily supplement to ever hit the market.

Traditional pain pills work by artificially interacting with your 4 main pain receptors, tricking your brain into relief (which is why you feel drugged up & risk addiction)

CONOCB2 works by optimizing your natural flow of endorphins, your natural pain killing peptides.

With your endorphin flow maximized, your daily pain simply melts away without any side effect risk.

Only one catch, you have to use it daily to keep your endorphins maximized. 
How Do Use Oral CONOCB2 For Maximum Benefit?

You must use daily!

This is the biggest user error I see. 

CONOCB2 will NOT work if you only use it when you are in pain as it is a daily use formula.

You must use it daily for the alkaloids to build up in your system, promoting the proper release of endorphins.

I have seen results happen as fast a day 1, to taking a few weeks for optimizing performance is realized, you just have to keep taking daily until you feel relief.

The actual "use" portion is simple.

You place the liquid serving size (on the label) in your mouth, under your tongue where you will hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

This will allow the alkaloids to absorb into the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue.

After holding, simply swallow it down. 
Will CONOCB2 Make Me Feel Drugged Up?

Actually, many report feeling a sense of well being - energized, focused and ready for the day (or night) after their daily serving.
Can I Use CONOCB2 More Than Once Daily?
The 30 day serving size is based on one daily use.

However, some users (with chronic pain) have reported great results by using once in the morning and once before bed.
No. Conolidine CONOCB2 does not contain any hemp or cannabis ingredients.
Is Conolidine CONOCB2 Legal?
Yes, Conolidine CONOCB2 is legal in all 50 states and every country in the world. You can use and travel with it anywhere.
Will Conolidine CONOCB2 Show up on a Drug Test?
CONOCB2 is 100% Drug Free Certified. It has been tested against a panel of 400 banned substances. CONOCB2 is suitable to be used by professional athletes. 
Is Conolidine CONOCB2 Really Better Than Pain Pills?
I can answer with clinical data.

Firstly, CONOCB2 is a heck of a lot safer than any traditional pain pills bringing relief without any documented side effects (or stomach issues).

Secondly, the effectiveness has also been heavily researched and tested. 

The combination of Conolidine & PEA has been heavily studied for its ability to promote the optimized release of endorphins (natural pain killers).

Remember, Conolidine first hit the medical science radar in 2010. It is now widely considered the future of pain relief. 

GDR Labs has also privately tested CONOCB2 on over 100,000 users with exceptional results (Over 90% reported powerful relief).

Even in the early stages over 1,000,000 bottles have been distributed.  
What Type of Pain Does CONOCB2 Help?
Pain is very personal from person to person.

However, CONOCB2 is formulated to be used as a general "full body" pain reliever.

Scientifically it can ease any type of pain.

User results have also backed this up with success over every common type of pain imaginable.  
How Does CONOCB2 Taste?
Full disclosure: CONOCB2 was developed PURELY as a powerful pain reliever with effectiveness being the driver. 

It will have a bit of a "spicy" taste as one of the absorption accelerators is black pepper extract.

GDR Labs has added natural flavoring to aid in the taste but you won't find it "candy" delicious.

With that said the taste has received positive feedback and the entire point is powerful (and safe) daily pain relief.
When Should I Take CONOCB2?
CONOCB2 is daily use and can be taken any time throughout the day. 

However, once you establish your schedule you will want to try to take it the same time daily so it absorbs and builds evenly in your system.

Users have supplemented day or night with excellent results. 

Use in a way that you will remember, and ensure you take it daily. 
Can I Use CONOCB2 With Other Health Conditions?
Firstly, I am not a medical doctor and cannot make health recommendations.

However, this is a great question as many "pain pills" can increase risk of other health issues. 

I will say that none of the ingredients in CONOCB2 have reported health risks or side effects and it has been heavily user tested since 2017. 

In fact, CONOCB2 actually has other health benefits such as a lift in mood. 
Can I Use CONOCB2 With Traditional Pain Management?
I cannot give medical advice.

With that said, CONOCB2 is drug free certified so it will not show up on the drug screenings conducted by pain management clinics.

Furthermore, many CONOCB2 users have experienced success in using conolidine with traditional pain management.

Users have reported boosted results while decreasing the dosage of synthetic pain pills.

Some have even abandoned synthetic pain management all together. 
Do I Need To Be In Pain To Use CONOCB2?
Absolutely not. 

Think of it like this... you supplement other parts of the body to fight issues that could come in the future - heart, brain, immune system, etc.

CONOCB2 is the FIRST and only daily supplement the promotes your ability to naturally fight pain (by optimizing endorphins). 

Use it daily to fight the onset of pain from starting in the first place.

Finally, if you are very active it can be an incredible recovery tool to fight muscle and joint soreness so you can stay more active than ever. 
How does CONOCB2 compare to Morphine?
Great question!

This is a big question due to the marketing floating around on Conolidine. 

Again, I will answer with clinical data.

When morphine was developed it was engineered to mirror the effects of Endorphins.

In fact, the term endorphins comes from "Endo Morphine" or "Internal Morphine".

Since conolidine is the only compound known to science that optimizes the flow of endorphins its affects have been successfully compared to morphine.

Morphine like relief qualities without side effects or addiction risk.
Will CONOCB2 Actually Work For Me?
Results will vary from person to person, as with all drugs and supplements.

However, the scientific findings and private testing have shown over a 90% success rate.

The results speak for themselves. 
Is CONOCB2 FDA Approved?
Any supplement that claims "FDA Approved" is a scam. 

Only pharmaceuticals can achieve full FDA approval.

However, CONOCB2 is produced by GDR Labs where it is American made in an FDA audited facility per GMP standards.
What if CONOCB2 Doesn't Work?
Steve will discuss this in detail but you are able to try CONOCB2 with no risk for 90 days which is plenty of time for you to fall in love with it. 

If it doesn't safe and natural pain relief GDR Labs will allow you to return for a full refund.

Again, Steve and GDR Labs will discuss more of the risk free guarantee program. 
Where Is CONOCB2 Made?
CONOCB2 is exclusively manufactured and distributed by GDR Labs.

It is 100% American made and fully produced in their FDA audited Atlanta, Georgia facility.
Will I "Feel" it Working?
The "Feel" of CONOCB2 is highly personal.

Some users don't feel anything right away. 

Others feel nearly an immediate sense of well being. 

The overall relief feeling is not as aggressive as a pain pill (which also makes you high).

The feel of CONOCB2 has been compared to turning down the heat on a stove. 

You will have to try it to see how it affects you.
Does CONOCB2 Have Any Concerning Drug Interactions?
I cannot give medical advice and all users have different drug combinations at play.

However, none of the ingredients in CONOCB2 have been shown to have negative drug interactions.
Seriously, What Are The Side Effects of CONOCB2?
All ingredients in CONOCB2 have been verified as side effect free. 

Additionally, GDR Labs has not reported any side effects over nearly five years of testing. 

CONOCB2 will not inebriate you and it has not been linked to any addiction issues. 
Is CONOCB2 Crazy Expensive?
Steve with GDR Labs will get into pricing just below. 

As you will read it is priced well below other pain relief protocols of same potency (with far more side effect potential). 

Part of my development goal was to ensure it was affordable for the average American consumer.
Hit Me Straight, What Are The Negatives of using CONOCB2?
Firstly, as mentioned above, CONOCB2 was not formulated for taste, you may not find it "tasty" to use daily. 

Secondly, it is made to build in your system so it may take a few days to a few weeks for you to see maximized benefit (which is why you have 90 days to try it).

Again, you use it daily, not just when you are in pain. 

Thirdly,  you will have to keep using to keep benefit, if you stop your results will wind down and eventually be lost. 

Conolidine CONOCB2 Has Helped Over 100,000 Americans Find Daily Relief...

Below Are Just A Fraction Of Those Stories In Video and Written Format, Make Sure You Read Them All


Jason Gagnon

 Verified User

I’ve been using Conolidine ( now ConoCB2) for quite some time now. It’s a game changer for pain relief without opioids. No side affects or addiction. Also love the NutraIGF for anti aging. I also have been using Androcyn and Phyto Test- what can I say ? I’ve been using your products for at least 3 years now and I recommend all of those products to friends and family 

Linda Swartos

 Verified User

I used CONOCB2 when the glands on my neck were starting to become swollen. Before going to bed, I massaged CONOCB2 on my neck. When I woke the next morning, all symptoms of becoming sick were gone. I slept wonderful!

Vivian Cawthorne

 Verified User

I have used several products in the last few years. Number one on my list is Conolidine1 and Conolidine topical. Both are the answer to my back pain. I am now using Conolidine1 Max and am having more good results with ease of walking and standing. I know that these two products are the best that I have used for my back issues. They are terrifffficc!!!

John Stone

 Verified User

I think you're a game day ready It's great it is the only cd that helps me.. And I tried a lot of CBD oils And none of them were any good at all you're game day ready Work for me I thank you very much and I would recommend anyone else there try it you will see a difference... You will never try another CBD Anything like game day ready CBD Will give you.. Thank you very much gameday ready for your great CBD oil

Sheila Joy Phillips

 Verified User

I am an elderly lady living in the UK, I suffer with Osteoarthritis and have aches and pains in my joints all the time. When I first saw Game Day Ready on my PC I decided to open the link, I was a nurse for 38 years, so I was interested to find out as much as I could about the products. It is an amazing website and I was convinced it was genuine. So I decided to order CONOCB2 Daily Relief Support, it took a while to arrive in the UK I was eager to try it. My order arrived, within minutes of taking my first dose my joint pains were gone I was amazed. I have tried many products over the years they never worked, but CONOCB2 did. I decided to try CONOCB2 Topical Relief and I love this product it works instantly relieving the pain. There are frequent special offers also,it would d be great if there was a UK distributer as I am sure sales would go through the roof. So thank you Game Day Ready for the amazing products. 

Robert Laster

 Verified User

Immediately after using CONOCB2 my lower back pain virtually diminished by 90%. I continued to use the first 30 day supply twice daily and was soon taking far less Aleve and/or Advil on daily bases. I will continue to use this product with the goal of completely eliminating ever taking these other harmful medicines.  

Darin Black

 Verified User

Never would I have ever thought there was something out there that could be 10Xs better than any opiate I've taken for my pain. I'm a 7X survivor of many different cancers that have left my body racked in pain. I have a genetic disorder called Li Fraumeni Syndrome, about 600 to 700 hundred people worldwide have it. What it does is turns your body's way to fight cancer off. To date I've had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Liver Cancer & Many Bone Cancers. The bone cancer ate away my neck bones so I have a Titanium plate in my neck and cadaver bones. Left leg Tibia cancer where they had to drill a hole in my leg to remove the bone marrow/cancer & lost 2 toes just to give light to my story. All this left me with trying 9 different opiates over the last 16 years. My daily dosage of Morphine was 230mg a day for 3.5 years. Needless to say I wouldn't drive & I found out the hard way how long term opiate usage ruins one's kidneys. So I started on my own to get myself down I was functional but just "existing" so I got down to 120mg a day then 90mg. Then the same doctors who prescribed me all those dangerous milligrams a day cut my dosage in half. Needless to say I was back in excruciating pain. I've tried the world's strongest CBD's, Nothing I needed an insane amount to notice any relief. As I saw this advertisement I believe watching Dr Eric Berg's YouTube videos I was like there's just no way this CONOCB2 works so I took a chance I mean it had a 100% guarantee back so what's to lose? To my complete shock I worked immaculately. I had been praying for something natural that just simply worked. I'm still blown away everytime I put the dasage under my tongue in about 9mins (for my body) it starts to work. It's been THEE game changer for me, more like a life changer! I also suffered from bone on bone in my knee because cancer chewed away my meniscus. That to gets massive relief from this product. I can sincerely testify to the truth that this product has hands down given me my mobility back & has allowed for my wife & I to be intimate again. After Her seeing this amazing transformation she tired too. She was in a bad car accident 9 years ago, there wasn't much of anything the doctors could do for her except lots of opiates & she was very weary to take a regimen of them after seeing my kidneys suffer from long term opiate use. So if you're a skeptic simply try it. I'm living proof and starting to get out in the world again. Not to mention I've written & produced multiplatinum music and many Billboard #1 songs for a living, so now I'm back in it because of this miracle product I've got my life back and it's becoming incredible once again. I say do yourself and your loved one's a solid an give yourself a gift of being pain reduced or almost pain free you won't regret it! 

Barbara Burger 

 Verified User

I am “ hooked” on your products! I have severe spinal stenosis and sciatica! For several years I have used every topical cream there was to offer! Then I used medicated patches! Nothing ever worked! Many times I couldn’t ride in the car, or walk in my home! I crawled in pain! When I saw CONOCB2 topical support that was my last resort! I have used it for several weeks now and am sold! I apply 3-4 times a day and have had NO PAIN whatsoever! Thank you! This product is on my “ use forever” list!   

James M. Schombs

 Verified User

'I am a retired USN SEAL, and have been using your product, CONCB2 Tincture and Topical cream for chronic pain in my lower spine and for getting off pf morphine pain medication'. The Topical cream helps my wife also with pain in her hip. 'I have shown this to some of my friends, veterans also , and this has helped with neck pain and other joint pain'. 'I use the Tincture 3 times per day and the Topical cream the same'! Thank you for this natural pain reliever'. r, James Schombs, Retired/ Disabled USN SEAL, CW02,Author.

Jeffrey Haglund

 Verified User

I have been using CONOCB2 for a couple of weeks now, and it is helping with my pain. It seems to be a good product.

Karen Anstead

 Verified User

I have used CONOCB2 for approximately two weeks now and I really appreciate how quickly pain and stiffness disappear. Makes every day easier. 

Barbara Ann Dooley

 Verified User

I am 90 years old and have severe spinal stenosis at the lumbar 4-5 level. I use CONOCB2 to help me with pain relief. With its help, I have discontinued oxycontin completely and am decreasing the combo of 3 ibuprofen + 2 extra-strength tylenol to 2+1 respectively, then possibly to just 1 ibuprofen and hopefully discontinuing everything but my CONOCB2.

Lloyd Watson

 Verified User

I had doubts about how well Conocb2 would help my lower back pain. I was surprised when the first time I took Conocb2 I was able to sleep all night without pain. The next morning My back felt better than it had in weeks. I am still taking Conocb2 and will continue to do so.

Mary Kiddy

 Verified User

I am a 78 yo senior widow with a chronic condition I have had since I was 48yo. I have had four abdominal surgeries resulting in severe abdominal adhesions. A genetic condition possibly due to my Native American ancestry. It also was the same condition that led to my mother’s passing. Since there is no cure for this condition I live with chronic pain. I have used two of your products to help with this pain, CONOCB2 liquid, and the CONOCB2 Salve. Both have helped take the edge off the pain and many times enough so I don’t need to take my pain medication. Also it is able to take the pain away from both knees when they decide to “act up”.Thank you for your products.

Matthew R Hintz

 Verified User

After 31 years in the Army, It has taken a toll on my body. between broken leg, ankle, fusion on back. I have been in constant pain for the last 10 years, 65 now and other than pain pills nothing has helped. I ordered CONOCB2 I have been taking it in the Evening before bed, the results are incredible!! I am out riding my bike and starting to play golf again. I'm getting my life back. If you don't give this a try, your waiting time and money at the Dr's office.. you will feel Gameday Ready!!Thankyou for this amazing product!!!

Rodney Akira Shimamoto

 Verified User

Simply takes away the pain without side effects like abdominal pain, drowsiness, depressed respirations, and if your trying to sleep the lack of pain does wonders.

Jeane Casselberry

 Verified User

I first want to start by saying how absolutely outstanding and very helpful, the Customer Service Team is. They are so very polite, kind, respectful, helpful, and demonstrate a true commitment to address and answer the concerns and questions that I have. After taking different steps with the CONOCB2, the extra strength is absolutely outstanding and I would recommend that to everyone for pain relief. IT WORKS !

Jonas Raul Ramos Sosa Sr

 Verified User

Raul R. from Louisville, Kentucky:I have been using Conolidine for three months now with amazing results. I had a chronic headache, the result of an accident sustained sometime back. As advertised, since I started using Conolidine I have been able to function at what I consider a normal level, which I had not experienced in quite sometime. I no longer rely on OTC Meds and their negative side effects, to deal with my headache.Thanks GDR!!!

Carolyn Kennedy

 Verified User

I have chronic pain through out my body. Instead of reaching for Tylenol I now take 2 eye droplets when needed. Really has released that nagging pain daily. Good good product. 

Christine Devine

 Verified User

Ever since i discovered GDR about 4 months ago, I have been trying each of their products. I can tell you with no reservations on my part the first product I tried is my favorite. I was looking for pain relief. What I read about the product made sense to me and I ordered. ConoCB2 helped me live much better. I’m happier and more the old me than I have been in years. This product does what it was made to do and does it very well.

Glen M Howland

 Verified User

I have severe lower back pain when I wake up in the morning. I bought ConoCB2. I simply place shake the bottle and place a dropper full under my tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. Within a couple of minutes, the pain is completely gone!!! It is very hard to believe that it can make the pain go away that quickly but it definitely works for me!!

Richard Reilly

 Verified User

I had Rotator Cuff surgery and still had pain. I tried creams and rubs and brace sleeves. None worked! So far your CON 2 has worked EXTREMELY WELL! I don’t feel any pain for the whole day. Sometimes I use some at night and I have the most restful sleep no matter what position I take . Very Very impressed !

Barbara Burger 

 Verified User

I am in awe of all of your products. I love the CONOCAB2 so much that I share with everyone! I always have to check my supply Tomas certain I have backup! The cream has helped with sciatica and with my spinal stenosis. Since using this great product I no longer use my cane for balance! This is definitely a ‘ miracle” I have been looking for for years! 

Audrey McElroy

 Verified User

So happy to have found GDR. Was suffering with constant pain in my shoulders. Ordered conobco2 and it was fabulous. Looking forward to ordering more products soon. 

Michael Ferguson

 Verified User

Since GDR products have entered my life it is miraculous! I'm feeling much better physically and mentally! Your magical little bottles with a dropper under my tounge really have changed me and my attitude! I'm using 7 different items and the topical CONOCB2 and they are making a real difference! Thank you for giving me your discount and options as it has let me try a variety of life changing items that really are making a difference for me. I gave my brother a bottle and he is amazed! I'm awaiting for multiple orders to arrive and plan on keeping GDR in my life for a long time!

Stephanie Stinson

 Verified User

I rely on Conolidine CONOCB2 Liquid Natural Relief Formula Clinical Strength for relief from aches and pains. It is phenomenal!! I try to stay healthy and keep active but sometimes that leads to an ache in my hip or a sharp pain in my knee. Conolidine CONOCB2 will allieviate the pain in just a few minutes so I can continue in my active lifestyle.Not only that, I use Conolidine CONOCB2 when my neck hurts from consistant computer work...once again, relief in minutes!!Thanks Conolidine CONOCB2 for a safe and reliable solution to life's little aches and pains!

Sandra Lyons

 Verified User

The CONOCB2 is a Blessing! I don't take prescriptions. I was in pain everyday, not anymore, this is an amazing product. THANK YOU! 

Allan Rayner

 Verified User

I have suffered with Trigeminal Neuralgia for 25years. I had nerve decompression surgery in 2006 and it relieved the pain for about 6 years then the pain returned. No prescribed medication helped including opioid drugs and CBD oil. .A month ago I discovered and have been using ConoCB2 and have found instant relief using it daily in conjunction with the ConoCB2 Topical Relief Support. I feel I I can now start to live my life again.

Thomas Kittler

 Verified User

I have dealt w/ chronic lumbar back pain for the last 30 years and only a combination of exercise , stretching and lots of ibumprofin have allowed me to remain active. Have I mentioned that I have had to develop a high tolerance for pain?With in a minute of taking my first dose of CONOCB2 my pain has disappeared.Wow

James Jagosh

 Verified User

Been using CONOCB2 for over two years Works great on my back.

Kelly M Johnson

 Verified User

I take prescription pain medication for a number of medical issues but they aren't nearly enough to take care of my pain. So I decided to try the CONOCB2 to alleviate my breakthrough pain. To my surprise, it really, really worked! And that's just using the regular strength, I haven't tried the extra strength yet so I am looking forward to the results I will get from using that! Is the regular strength can take away my breakthrough pain then maybe the extra strength can take away all my pain and I can get off my pain meds. I guess we will have to see when the time comes. I also have insomnia and have struggled with it for years so I take a lot of meds for it. One of them I have wanted to get off of for some time. So I decided to try GABASOM to replace the one med. I was very impressed with it. I would take it and fall asleep within 20 minutes and sleep peacefully through the night. I am now off of the med that I wanted to be off and I am grateful! Thank you for your products Game Day Ready, they are blessing!! God Bless! Sincerely, Kelly J.

Ellon L Fant

 Verified User

I have been taking the COCOCB2 for about 1 1/2 months now. I fell on pavement several years ago and landed on my right side, breaking my arm completely into. Now I have pain in my right hip and leg when I try to sleep at night. CBD oil has helped but since I added this formula, it has helped tremendously. I didn’t realize how much until the last couple of days. My husband and I are at our vacation home for a couple of weeks. I brought my CONOCB2 with me but didn’t bring an extra bottle. My husband has been in extreme back pain for a couple of days and I gave him some of this serum. Sorry to say, I had to go without last night and boy did I hurt. I don’t have enough for both of us here so I’m letting myself go to help him. This product is amazing to me. 

William Raszick

 Verified User

After more than 12 surgeries...back, neck, knee, ankle, open heart, mostly to replace what's 'broken', I live with great pain daily. Been using Conobb2 for a month. Does seem to help and will continue with it.

Joe Perry

 Verified User

I am using the pain reliever CONOCB2 and have been getting good results .It seems to work faster & better than some cbd oils I have tried in the past .

Karen Barclay

 Verified User

I am awaiting hip replacement surgery and the only thing that will give me any relief until my surgery date has been conocb2. It has saved me and allows me to work until surgery. Thank you!!!

Armand Addonizio

 Verified User

I am 80 years old and started taking CONOCB2 about 6 weeks ago. I am into my second bottle. The product does work and has reduced some of my pain and soreness. It did take several days to take effect. I found my taking the oil first thing in the morning when your mouth is best. I plan on purchasing three more bottles.  

Vivian Kahane Cooper

 Verified User

I have never before been inclined to order anything that my doctors have not suggested to me. I have had many surgeries—hips, knees, ankles, and feet. The only emails that I have ever been tempted to respond to due to the constant pain I live with every day were those from Game Day ReadyProducts. Their emails were so professional and informative yet not pushy,and the fact that professional athletes use their products because whenthey are tested for drugs, the results are negative. Everything is natural, as promised. I decided to give them a try. I first ordered ConocB2 and I’m so pleased with the almost instantaneous positive results. I placed a second order for 6 more bottles and 3 jars of the cream that you rub into the skin where a bit of pain may still exist. There is a very generous guarantee in place in case you do not care for the product. The orders are followed closely with USPS and are extremely safely packaged. There is telephone contact available. I’m happy and satisfied with both the product and the friendly and professional attitude of this company! 

Henry Andrew Niemczyk

 Verified User

I been using GDR CONOCB2 over a month to relieve my RA/OA pain for a month. As you most likely most know there is no cure for RA. I have on been on monthly shots and, infusion through my RA doctor, which has not helped with pain and swelling. Each morning I take the recommended dose of CONOCB2and get relief for a few hours. CONOCB2 gives me relief but some day my RA pain is worst then the others so I take a second dose which helps my for pain I havn't had any adverse side effects While taking CONOCB2. The taste of CONOCB2 taste is something you need to get use too, have a glass of water near by. Give CONOCB2 a try, Hopeit helps

John Zimmer

 Verified User

I have been on a "pain management" program for several years using Percocet and most recently my pain doctor added morphine, twice a day. Since I started using CONOCB2, I have reduced the opiates by half, which definitely helps with the side affects. Thank you GDR for helping to improve my quality of life. 

Cynthia Barajas

 Verified User

I ordered Conocb2 for my back pain, it was great, my back is feeling much better, I’ll be ordering more.

Jane Snyder

 Verified User

I am a person with chronic Lyme disease. I started using Canolodine last year first the drops then the rub-on. It was so amazing. For my job i tune pipe organs with my husband and my job is to hold keys, and change stops on demand. By afternoon i could not sit and would be doubled over and even leaning on keys. Conolodine would get me through every afternoon. Then i was not able to sleep so i tried the Gabasom which put me to sleep within 5 min. ALWAYS. I love your products.

Terry R. Huffman

 Verified User

My wife and I both have arthritis and suffer lots of pain. We have tried all the over the counter remedies as well as prescription drugs to no avail ( other than opioid addiction and all that entails ) . Now that we have found your wonderful product Conochb2 we can manage our pain without side affects and addiction. And we have found it effective for menstrual cramps , back pain and sprains as well

Susan Mustacchio

 Verified User

My best friend is a disabled Veteran who has had 14 back surgeries since the 1980s and continuing episodes of severe pain that was only occasionally relieved by heavy narcotics… until he experienced the immediate relief he now gets from a dose of GDR CONOCB2. . 

Carmen Camacho

 Verified User

After ankle surgery. Tried the conoc2 pain and all I said. It works. Even as topical application on my forehead and nose. Instant relief


 Verified User

I have dealt with back pain for over 40 years with 3 spinal surgeries and hip replacement surgery. I have been on opioids for 10 years. I ordered conocb2 3 months ago and it really works! I have been able to cut my opioid use by 1/3 and feel much better. Thank you!! Gayle 

Larry Rossi

 Verified User

I’m Larry Rossi before I discover CONOCB2 my lower back was in constant pain a month later it’s 90percent better I truly trust & recommend this product.

Jean Kabitzke

 Verified User

I've had chronic pain for more thank 5 decades, pain meds were all their was. My last Pain Specialist told me he did every test known to medicine & other tests, & I was not addicted to it. 8.5 years, then he told me that what I said, was you don't just take it. You only take when there's too much pain, he says so how do you explane that. I said the pain uses it up. Medical didn't allow to believe thatThen a brain aneurysm 4 years ago, every puncture hole on my body, one of the machine punctures my naval into my stomach, breaking my third vertebrae, L1, opioid not available, 4 years of pain, 24/7, 365 days. Thousands spent on OTC stuff did not work! Then I saw Game Day Resdy's pain reliever. Oh my God, I'm not 100% pain free but I'm saying what that has done for me brings tears to my eyes. I've purchased it for myself, * a second order, which I have given one to each of my family members, my daughter, my son, my 2 sisters, one to a young man whose wife was in so much pain, one to my friendI am not rich, but the lives this has touched for pain relief, amazing, If I could I'd shout it from a mountain top.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I've never been this close to this little pain in 45 years. I'm thank the Lord for this much relief.100% much better for the most part than ever in my life..Get me to that mountain top, I'll shout it out! You may alter what I've written if need be. But thank you, thank you, thank you, youve made life worth living again.(I'm 71 yes old)

Jerry Brantley 

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As we get older our body needs help to respond like we want. For about Five years now I have been using the Game Ready products to help me do that. My favorite product is {CONOCB2} for my severe lower back pain. It works and is a reasonable price. I will soon be 86 years old. Jerry from Florida

Larry Efird

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this conocb2 is a miracle pain killer

Ann A Buczek

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I am an 89 year old female that has been using CONOCB2 cream for about 3 weeks. It was purchased because of my left side of my back and left ankle that I broke about 25 yrs. ago which has come to haunt me with arthritis and pain. I have been applying the cream in the morning and before going to bed on both my ankle and back. It has helped me move more freely in walking and my back seems to feel also better. As for my back, I am scheduled for an appointment with my urologist to make sure it is not a kidney stone. In the meantime, it is helping with the pain in my back an added bonus in using CONOCB2.

Geoff Sheedy

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I could not be happier with CONOCB2 . I have tried so many things and none lived up to their promises. Knee and foot pain are under control,and improving all the time. I live in Australia so it takes about 3/4 weeks to arrive. I ordered 6 months and new straight away how good it was so I ordered another 6 months. It’s not hype it’s not mumbo jumbo it’s giving you your life back. I am 70 years young now. I can walk with minimal pain and the more I do walk the easier it becomes. Win win. Super 😃. Geoff Sheedy

Esther Wilkinson

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 CONOCB2 products are the strongest, natural pain reliever, with 0 negative side effects, I've tried in the 35 years I've had Fibromyalgia . Since, taking CONOCB2, I've been able to reduce the very strong analgesics, I've been on, for chronic pain, the last 20 years, and, I now, have hope I'll be able to wean off them completely. Thank you for this amazing product.

Michael W Ferguson 

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GDR is changing my life in great ways! Ever since I discovered them and their products nothing but good is happening. It started with Conocb2 and this stuff is a miracle! It is relief that seems unbelievable! I'm now using 8 of their products and I am feeling better than I have in years! Thank you GDR!

Leayh Graham

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I have been taking the Conocb2 about a month. I have noticed a decrease in my overall pain level 

Kathy Weber

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I have been using the conocb2 and it definitely helps me with my pain. I need to have shoulder replacement surgery and this is getting me by until I am able to get the surgery. I have also tried the nutra IGF, but have not used it long enough to review but I am very confident it will help me also.

Michael Buonagura 

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I have sciatica & nerve damage with herniations in my neck & lower back. Since I’m taking this CONOCB2 I’m an avid swimmer 🏊 & im active for my age. I can swim longer with no pain & more flexibility . I ordered more because it works so well. Thank you 

Vikki Fajkus

 Verified User

I want to thank Clint Winters for all the products that he has developed. You have helped me and so many others. Stay out of pain. To look our best and feel our best with all the wonderful products you have. Thank you so so much. I just do not know what I would have done without all these wonderful products. Thanks 

Linda Mawer

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My order of ConocB2,and,Gabasom+ lived up to the sales "hype" in a very positive way. The pain relief was very impressive, and,quite unexpected, and,being tablet free each day is a massive plus point. Cannot recommend this product enough.My sleeping aid--Gabasom+, has been used two to three times a week, and,each time ,an undisturbed nights sleep has followed. New to the market, I can see both products being staples of our medicine cabinets. A great advance in personal wellbeing. 

Armand Addonizio

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I am 80 years old and started taking CONOCB2 about 6 weeks ago. I am into my second bottle. The product does work and has reduced some of my pain and soreness. It did take several days to take effect. I found my taking the oil first thing in the morning when your mouth is best. I plan on purchasing three more bottles.  

Judie Wooley

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Started taking ConocB2 primarily for knee pain, but to my surprise it has also helped with my headaches and back pain. Recommend highly

Natalie Oborn

 Verified User

I have been taking COCOCB2 for about 3 weeks now,I have chronic back and hip pain,definitely helps, have ordered 4 more bottles and have shared it with a few friends who have ordered

Gregory Hagenston

 Verified User

It works. I've been taking a dropperful under my tongue in the morning before I go to work and my back and pelvic pain is not noticeable any more during the workday. 

Susan Schlicht

 Verified User

I first purchased CONOCB2 for pain relief. I have taken NSAIDS for years for relief from arthritis. One cannot take these medications for so long of a time period. When I came upon CONOCB2 i thought it was a miracle drug. And it is a great pain reliever. I have since stocked up on it.I also use CHOLOMAX clinical strength. I live in MN and the winters are long and gray. This supplement helps to provide the vitamin D our bodies require to stay healthy. I will purchase more!


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I am sharing a story concerning c o n o c b 2 and I tell you as Larry Crowder always tells the truth I started taking that when I had severe sciatic nerve pain and back pain from having fell backwards on a bar stool and that collapsed on me from 37 in high and I Jam my my back and probably partially crushed the vertebrae and I was hurting so bad and I sat there and put one dropper underneath my tongue for 30 seconds and swallowed it and literally 15-20 minutes later all of a sudden I realized that my back no longer hurt they say it's like a morphine but it's all natural they're not lying I mean to tell you I could not believe what was taking place I was in extreme pain I am a 68 year old man that worked hard from 10 years old to 50 years old on a farm and the Auto industry and also the furniture industry at furniture store so I physically work very hard in my life and my body is broke down and all I can say is I thank God that I have c o n o CB2 to help with that pain. I couldn't believe it but there's two things I can't stand in this world is a liar and a thief and I'm neither one thank you for allowing me to give this testimony Larry Crowder said that

Karen Sleeth

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I am 75 year old woman with severe disc degenerative disease. I cannot and will not take prescription drugs for pain, too dangerous. Your product Conocb2 has been such a blessing to me as my life is all about being helpful with my total care handicapped granddaughter. Grandma is her playmate and this helps so much with my pain. Also a veteran friend is getting relief with this product as well

Jerry Rainwater

 Verified User

I am 81 years old and was starting to feel pain in my hips when I helped carry the groceries into the house. I tried Conolidine CONOCB2™ and it has halted the pain.I am also usining the Cholomax.

Marc Iacaboni

 Verified User

I am a 55 yr old Man who has been in 3 car accidents and major neck surgery along with driving 1000 miles a week in the car. So pain is no stranger to me. Trying every otc reliever on the market I got an email about the natural morphine now available and tried it. The shipping was fast and customer service A++. Then the trial came and to be honest I expected to return it as most product promise so much and deliver not much but the pain relief that GDR promised was undersold and so unbelievable that I had my wife try it and we both loved the instant pain relief. So great that I bought 10 more bottles and tried the rub for on contact relief another A++. So we are trying the IGF1,the nuetrol and Juveran so far very impressed. Thanks for being a great company that lives up to their promises. I am a man experiencing pain relief naturally.I now sharing with my clients who are seniors.

Steve Rose

 Verified User

I have been skeptical about any pain relief product but I have to tell you that the CONOCB2 as reduce my pain level significantly. My back and hip pain was severely limiting my lifestyle after using the CONOCB2 I am able to play golf and exercise which I have not been able to do for quite some time. Worth every penny. This product does everything it says it will do.

George Isberg

 Verified User

I was just about nuts trying to find a relief for my arthritis. I had tried C B D oils from about a dozen companies and many external companies and found no help. I then was lucky enough to have found an online company that was selling a product called Conolidine that I used and it cured my problem in about two weeks. I have been using it for years and thank Clint for his research!

Steve chandler

 Verified User

Product works I have the conolidine drops and salve I take the drops at night and sleep well 😴 and rub the salve on my knees and it eases the pain would recommend these products 👌 

Derek Beaton 

 Verified User

I'm a 64 years old man. I have Emphysema and c.o.p.d. About eight and a half years ago I had to have half my left leg amputated because of a blood clot. I was prescribed Eliquis tablets to thin my blood down, you couldn't see my veins or arteries, I am still on then now!!! I received a message from your company about Conocb2 , I thought " I have nothing to lose by trying" so, I placed an order which I received 45 days ago, I have been taking Conocb2 for 43 days now and feeling so much better, I can see my veins and arteries now, my breathing is a lot deeper and I feel good about myself. I sincerely thank you.Derek Beaton.


 Verified User

Thoughskeptical@first I have noticed adefinateimprovementinattitude duetsto useofjuverin+ and pain relief duets the use ofconocb2 thanks for such incredible products I soon plan to order your latest offer ofigf_1ilook furtherahead in hopes of ordering other products you may offer in the future please keep me informed of other major breakthrough in the near future you guys are the greatest keep up the good work!

Elvira Johnson

 Verified User

I decided to try your CB2 oil for pain because I have tried so many products to ease the pain in my knees and nothing has worked. Once I began, after 7 days the pain has been less and less to the point were I can walk with no worries and I am able to do many things I dreaded to do because of the pain. Thank you so much for this marvel. You have a faithful customer and I am going to recommend it to all my friends.

Joyce Fort

 Verified User

I am a big skeptic when it comes to claims of a product, that will give me pain relief, without the side affects of narcotics! I have chronic pain and have tried everything to get relief. I tried the CONOCB2, with a nothing to lose attitude, and could not believe how amazing I was feeling in just a few days! I am sold on this product now and don’t want to go a day without it.  

Cathy Blowers

 Verified User

 I ordered CONOCB2 for my husband, who suffers from chronic pain. This is his review of the product:My wife recently told me about your CONOCB2 oil, so I told her it was worth a shot, go ahead and buy it! Now just to let you know I have suffered from chronic pain for the last 25 years! My pain levels even with Percocet stayed between a 7-10 on the 1to10 pain scale! Since I have been using your product my pain levels have been as low as a 4 !!! I find that incredible!!! Thank you very much for this pain reduction I can’t tell you what a blessing it is!!!

Susan Gilkerson

 Verified User

Pain has been a huge part of my life. Now that I have found Conocb2 I can get through my day with a smile. Thank you!

Bonnie Michener

 Verified User

CONOCB2 is a great product for pain... I fell three years agoand have very bad pain in shoulder and neck from hitting the pavement. I cannot say enough about this product it is awesome and does what it says...Also, have been using FOOTKUR in my shoes for foot distressfrom a epidural in back some years back and it is amazing how much they have helped...I am not one to take pain medicine So has been a God's send.relief I have received...

Mary Lu Schoenfeld

 Verified User

Have tried Conolidine and to my surprise it really works. I will definitely keep using it.

Kevin C Brown 

 Verified User

I had ordered and received the Conolidine product for my many pains. Lots of broken bones and metal holding me together. Product worked Very well.. will definitely be using more of it in the future. Thank you All for a Great product. 

George Barlow

 Verified User

Pain cut by 50% after one week's use, looking forward to continued relief as time goes on.A miracle product as far as I am concerned, nothing I have tried before has been able to reduce my pain level.

eleanor dunkavich

 Verified User

I was amazed that this stuff really works. I walk better. My lower back was hurting soo bad. I feel much better now.

larry j gray

 Verified User

 the products i am taking for severe knee pain conocb2 clinical strength and topical the same clinical strength are the real thing i have had severe knee pain scale 8-10 for the past 10 yrs i have had every injection possible!! every pain med possible waisted lots of money on false unfounded advertizing .the products from game day ready have reduced my pain,scale of 2-3 daily.the best comment i can make that is to me the ultimite i can make is only by the grace of GOD !! was i led to these products. and thanks to LIZ as she walked me through these products. products THE REAL DEAL !

Debra Abbott

 Verified User

I ordered Conoco2 for my husband - he has experienced hip and shoulder pain every day for years. He felt relief on the first dose. Definitely works!

William Blanscet 

 Verified User

I suffer from sciatica. I received a Bottle Conocb2, and with a great deal of doubt, I took the dropper amount and with in about 30 minutes I was able to walk without pain. It is amazing stuff to say the least.

Zbigniew Valentine Dyrynda

 Verified User

ConocB2 works great 👍 helps with pain relief 😌 


 Verified User

CONOCB2 has helped me manage some chronic pain issues.
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